Upon entering the guest must wear his mask covering mouth and nose

  • All our rooms have private and sanitized bathrooms
Guests or people entering from the street must:
  • Step into the pool attached to the floor to disinfect their footwear.
  • Use alcohol gel for the hands, which is available (dispenser)
  • Body temperature will be taken
Guests must follow the following protocol for safety:
  • Use a mask in all common areas of the premises
  • Maintain social distance between guests and dependents, at least 1.5 mtrs
  • Stay in your rooms and exit to the patio should be brief
  • You can not store food or drinks in the refrigerator other than the products supplied by the Residential which are disinfected
  • The requested consumptions will be left on a tray near their door, and the guest must enter it into their room, after consumption leave the tray in the same place for later removal and sanitation.
  • The deliveries must be received by the guests at the entrance, they must not enter the premises, these orders must be taken directly to their room.
  • Visits or nearby are forbidden in the common rooms and only the people staying should be in the rooms.
  • In the morning when leaving the room, the windows should be left open for ventilation and subsequent cleaning and sanitation.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • When the guest leaves permanently, they must leave the bedding behind, the windows open for ventilation and their subsequent cleaning and sanitizing protocol against covid-19
Protocol for the rooms:
  • Room ventilation, removal of sheets and towels, disinfection of the environment with quaternary ammonium, cleaning of bathrooms and showers with chlorine gel, normal chlorine on floors and walls, disinfection of contact surfaces, with maximum cleaning agents efficiency.
Cleaning protocol in common areas:
  • Normal daily cleaning of common spaces, due to COVID-19, permanently clean with chlorine and different cleaning agents, access hall, guest bathroom, handrails, door handles, common surfaces, patios, decorations.